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Dwayne Okpaise - Simi Valley, CA

8/14/2017 * * * * *

Dr. Muradian and his staff have been seeing our family for over 15 years. We have been very happy and appreciate the care and attention. Karee has been my hygienist but they are all great.


Heidi F. - Simi Valley, CA

6/23/2017 * * * * *

Excellent Dentist with attention to detail! Restorative work are perfect matches. Very personable and great staff! I had been going to a dentist in town for over 20 years and wonder why I had stayed so long after visiting Dr. Muradian on a visit I made to address a cosmetic issue. I couldn't imagine going back to my old dentist. My wife and friends feel the same.


Cheryl C. - Simi Valley, CA

6/16/2017 * * * * *

Dr. Muradian's office is so professional and friendly. He always gets me in right on time and one thing that really impressed me this last time that I had dental work done... he called me in the evening to see how I was doing. Truly caring and professional. Thank you Dr. Muradian! I know my teeth are a challenge, so thank you for making my visits less stressful for me!


Douglas L. - Simi Valley, CA

5/12/2017 * * * * *

Victor's been my dentist and my family's dentist for many years, and the best I've ever had -- personable, kind, highly professional. He, the hygienists, and the office staff are all top-notch. Victor performed some transformative esthetic work for me that has definitely improved my self image. Hygienist Tawnia always goes beyond the call to make sure I'm doing all I can to improve my teeth and gum health. The staff is super friendly, every time. You won't find a better dental experience anywhere.


Charl Weber - Westlake Village, CA

1/20/2017 * * * * *

It was an eye opener on how a professional dental practice is run. From the moment you walk in everything ran on time. The new patient forms were super easy to fill in on a tablet. Then the new patient X-rays and exam came. Super professional and informative on what is good and bad with your teeth and options available to you. Then the best part was having my teeth cleaned by Simon I can truly say it was the best cleaning experience I have ever had.


Colin M. - Simi Valley, CA

5/15/2017 * * * * *

Dr Muradian has been my dentist for many years and has done a great job dealing with my many dental issues over the years. All the staff are great, Tawnia does a great job with my regular cleanings!


Karla R. - North Hills, CA

4/24/2017 * * * * *

The kids and I have been going here for years and I just love everyone that works there !! No matter how far I live it's just so worth the commute. They truly make me feel like family. They always remember who you are and always ask about each family member. Another plus is they are always on schedule I've never waited for my appointment.


Cynthia K. - Simi Valley, CA

2/28/2017 * * * * *

Dr. Muradian is awesome! He's honest, kind, and gentle! The receptionist has such a calm and friendliness to her also! I will definitely recommend this place!


Robert A. - Simi Valley, CA

2/22/2017 * * * * *

I have been going to Dr. Muradian for more than a decade now. He has taken such good care of my teeth. I have always had trust issues with dentists, but Doc has taken that away completely. You will NOT feel pain when he works on you. I repeat.. you will NOT feel any pain. He is gentile and caring and takes your "patient comfort" very seriously. His staff is awesome. They call and email before the appointment and when you arrive are full of smiles. Teeth cleaning is a breeze and they make sure every detail is taken care of. My kids now both switched here from another local Simi dentist who was not as good. Both of them now don't mind going to the dentist for routine cleanings. Finally, my wife left her long time dentist after 20 years. Unfortunately her crown kept falling off (6 times) and I finally got tired of paying the man to do the same repair over and over. Dr. Muradian got in there, saw the defective work, fixed it and she has been problem free. And she now goes to him exclusively. So all 4 of us get our teeth worked on by Doc, and he gets the highest marks I can give. You won't regret switching to his practice and you will love his staff.


Rachel B. - Simi Valley, CA

2/13/2017 * * * * *

I have been a patient of Dr. Muradian for over 15 years. He is an excellent dentist and his staff is top notch. I have referred family/friends and they have referred their family/friends...nothing but A+ reviews. The office is light, bright and welcoming. I actually like going in for routine visits and always feel great when I leave.


Alyson F. - Canoga Park, CA

2/8/2017 * * * * *

I love this office! Everyone is so nice, accommodating, professional and amazing! Tawnia is the best dental hygienist, and Dr. Muradian is so courteous! After getting a cavity filled, he called me that night to personally ask how I was feeling. I will never go anywhere else!


Janelle P. - Simi Valley, CA

1/30/2017 * * * * *

I have been seeing Dr. Muradian for a few years now and would not want to go anywhere else! Along with many other people, I am not a huge fan of going to the dentist. But, Dr. Muradian's office does not make you feel like your in a normal dentist's office. The staff is very sweet, welcoming and makes you feel as comfortable as you can possibly be while at the dentist. They make the whole process less stressful and a little more calming. If you have sensitive teeth or are sensitive to any of the noises, let them know and they will be happy to accommodate you to make you feel comfortable. (My mom has this issue, but they did everything they could to make her less anxious) The entire staff is awesome and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great dentist!


Kristie V. - Simi Valley, CA

12/27/2016 * * * * *

Have been coming to Dr Muradian's office for a long time and it's always very pleasant. Karee is the best dental hygienist to ever work on my teeth! The entire staff is very very nice and always a pleasure to deal with. Thank you Dr Muradian and staff!


Heather V. - Thousand Oaks, CA

12/6/2016 * * * * *

Dr Muradian and his staff are excellent! They understood my anxiety without judgement and treated me with compassion. Tanya and Terrie are excellent! Thank you for taking care of me! See you soon.


Debbie Williams - Simi Valley, CA

10/15/2016 * * * * *

Have been going to Dr. Muradian's office since I was a child. Staff is nothing but professional, friendly, and gentle. Always leave satisfied with my care!

Highly recommend this office to anyone looking for a new dentist!!!!!


Dahlia kh -

6/12/2017 * * * * *

Found the staff and the doctor to be attentive and knowledgeable. The office was very calm and soothing like a spa with no spa water. The rooms have a pretty park view. The hygienist was sweet and kind she pointed out good tips to keep my teeth clean and white. The doctor was accommodating and gentle. I consider this to be a local gem. Definitely will return and continue to refer.


Jahel Khalil - Simi Valley, CA

5/20/2015 * * * * *

Dr. Muradian managed to work on my husband although he was deathly afraid of dentists. He loved the experience he had. Dr. Muradian also worked on my 3yr old and she did great! The level of quality from his entire staff is incredible and those same night follow-up calls from the doctor are unheard-of. What a way to have a personal touch!!!


Amy Marcus Corneau - Simi Valley, CA

4/11/2014 * * * * *

I had a root canal done today and this was my first time meeting the doctor and his staff. Everyone is amazing and friendly in this office! Watching movies with their special viewer made the root canal go quickly also! I was pleasantly surprised to get a personal call from the doctor tonight to make sure I was ok. I highly recommend this practice to everyone!


Kevin Emmerson - Simi Valley, CA

8/15/2014 * * * * *

This is an amazing dental office with an incredible, outstanding staff. I don't care how fantastic your dentist is (and Dr. Muradian has got to be in the top .01 percent in the US) if the staff isn't also top-notch, it's not worth it. This combination of a friendly, personable staff combined with such a talented dentist makes me a loyal patient despite having moved 1,000+ miles away. I make regular trips back JUST for the camaraderie. Simply cannot recommend them highly enough and I truly think they should consider a branch office in my new home town!


Rachelle Hubert Ratner - Simi Valley, CA

6/26/2014 * * * * *

Love Dr. Muradian and his staff! As someone who's had a lot of dental work done over the years, he truly understands my needs as a patient and he knows how to make me feel comfortable. I highly recommend Dr. Muradian!