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Your First Dental Visit

It starts with the first telephone call you make to the office. When you call to schedule your appointment, our friendly staff will ask you questions so our first session together will go smoothly and we can customize our care to meet your particular needs.

Prior to your visit we will mail you a ‘Get Acquainted’ letter with our practice package. Included in this package: Practice philosophy letter, Dental/Medical history form and our Office Policy form. You may fill the forms at your leisure and bring them to your first visit. We also will request with your permission x-rays from your prior dentist.

We guarantee your first visit will be a pleasant experience. The visit begins with a warm welcome by our appointment coordinator. Soon, Dr. Muradian will greet you and escort you to one of our treatment rooms. In addition to reviewing your dental and medical history, Dr. Muradian will listen and learn about your personal needs and understand the level of dental health care you would like to have. He will then take clinical photographs of your smile and order the necessary X-rays. A pleasant clinical coordinator will begin a series of digital x-rays. The radiation exposure is equivalent to sitting in front of a television for two hours.

Next, Dr. Muradian will perform a thorough examination of the hard tissue (teeth and bone), soft tissue (gums and muscles), jaw joints (TMJ), and occlusion (bite). In addition he will perform an oral cancer screening and a smile analysis for those interested in enhancing their smiles. Generally this will take one hour.

Dr. Muradian will then give you a visual tour of your mouth (this might be on another day). You will see how other people see you and what could be done to improve your smile. Furthermore, you will see what Dr. Muradian sees. During the tour he will discuss his finding and answer your questions and concerns. Together you and Dr. Muradian will formulate the best comprehensive treatment plan for you.

This approach to dental care is based on the philosophy that education is the best form of preventive medicine. Preventive dentistry is much, much less expensive than the alternatives. Also, an informed patient has less apprehension and fear in regard to their dental visits.

The treatment plan acts as a road map. Rest assured we would also address your individual comfort at each appointment. You may select from our extensive comfort menu; see our specialty for further information.