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Do Home Teeth Whitening Kits Work?

Do Home Teeth Whitening Kits Work?

Thanks to modern dentistry, home teeth whitening kits are now available. There are two types of home teeth whitening kits: professional teeth whitening kits, like the ones provided by our dentist, and over-the-counter teeth whitening kits which can be purchased at your local department store. Because there is so much variety in home whitening kits that promise different results, many patients often ask, “do home teeth whitening kits work?” The simple answer is yes. However, results can vary.

Over-the-counter home teeth whitening kits

According to dentists, trays and strips work best when it comes to home whitening kits purchased at a store. These home kits use a barrier method which allows for the teeth whitening solution to be in contact with your teeth for the longest amount of time. Most brands recommend that you use the strips or trays for 30 minutes a day until you reach the tooth shade you are looking for.

Professional teeth whitening kits

Professional teeth whitening kits are provided by your dentist. These kits range in application methods, but upon getting the whitening kit, your dentist will let you know how to use it. Generally, professional teeth whitening kits provide more dramatic results because the solution used it greater in strength.

Home teeth whitening kits provide added benefits because the procedure is completed in the comfort of your home. Additionally, they provide convenience and flexibility because you can do it any time of day and week, which is optimal for patients with a busy schedule. Contact our Simi Valley dentist, Dr. Muradian, for more information on teeth whitening.

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