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Simi Valley Area Dentist Gives Tips for Before, During, and after the Placement of Dental Implants

Simi Valley Area Dentist Gives Tips for Before, During, and after the Placement of Dental Implants

Dental implants are commonly used to restore the smile when tooth loss has occurred. They are extremely versatile and can be utilized for replacing a single tooth with a crown or holding down a denture for stability. Some patients find dental implants to be beneficial in anchoring bridges in place. No matter how patients in the area of Simi Valley choose to use dental implants, they are easy to care for. Dr. Victor Muradian of Esthetic General Dentistry in Simi Valley educates patients on what to expect before, during, and after the placement of dental implants.

Before Dental Implants

Before patients are considered for dental implants, they undergo a thorough evaluation. This includes a series of x-rays to check the structure of the bone. Dental implants require patients to have enough bone structure to hold the implant firmly in place, or treatment will not be successful. Once patients have decided to move forward with placing implants, they will book an appointment for oral surgery.

During Dental Implants

The day of surgery, patients are properly anesthetized and may have sedation to ensure they are comfortable throughout the treatment. The dentist drills a hole into the bone and then places the implant. The gum tissues are stitched and patients are given aftercare instructions for monitoring the area and ensuring infection does not occur.

After Dental Implants

Patients must closely follow their dentist’s after-care instructions to reduce the chances of developing an infection and allowing the process of osseointegration to occur. This is the growth of bone that holds the implant in place. Patients are educated on the process to fully understand how their actions affect the health of their smile following this procedure.

At Victor K Muradian DDS in Simi Valley, patients are welcome to ask about the process of obtaining dental implants and how it can benefit the function and appearance of their smiles. Our team of professionals walk patients through step by step so they can ensure the restoration is appropriate for their specific needs. Schedule a consultation appointment at (805) 522-0880 or visit in person at 3695 Alamo Street, #300 Simi Valley CA 93063.

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