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Dentist in Simi Valley Explains Why You Should Get a Dental Cleaning Every Year

Dentist in Simi Valley Explains Why You Should Get a Dental Cleaning Every Year

You brush every morning and (hopefully) every night. You also floss whenever you remember, which should be once a day. When you take these steps to keep your mouth healthy, you should be in good shape, right? Not necessarily. If you haven't scheduled your annual teeth cleaning, you could be setting yourself up for a number of problems.


What your Dentist in Simi Valley can do that You can't

Think that it doesn't make much difference to have your dentist clean your teeth? Here are several things that can be accomplished during your yearly cleaning:

  1. The instruments and techniques employed in our office remove stuck-on plaque and tartar that may have accumulated around your gum line. This can significantly reduce your risk of developing gingivitis and gum disease.
  2. Cleaner teeth and gums means a cleaner, healthier mouth, which means fresher breath.
  3. Removing plaque and preventing gum disease has a positive effect on general health and wellness. Gum disease is a factor in many health conditions, including heart disease and stroke.
  4. The mild abrasiveness of our paste polishes teeth and removes stain molecules from the surface, giving you a brighter smile.
  5. Being up close and personal with your teeth during the annual cleaning, we can detect any fractures or damage to fillings and other restorations.
  6. When you have your teeth cleaned and examined on a regular basis, we are able to monitor your oral health from one visit to the next, quickly noticing any changes that could indicate a problem.
  7. Cleanings are an important aspect of prevention, and prevention is much more affordable than having to obtain restorative care for cavities, gum disease, and other infection in the mouth.

We understand that many patients feel uncomfortable with the very idea of seeing the dentist. It is our intent to change this - one visit at a time. Patients of our Simi Valley office receive the care we would want for ourselves and our families.

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