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Healthy Diet and Its Effect on the Oral Cavity

Healthy Diet and Its Effect on the Oral Cavity

Oral health and overall health having nothing to do with each other, right? Well, this may have been something that researchers thought in the past, but is actually resulting to be much more false than ever before. Studies are beginning to show direct links between oral and overall health that boils down to one important aspect: a healthy diet.

Many of you may have grown with parents that pushed vegetables into your stomach throughout your childhood and repeated things along the line of not growing strong if you didn’t eat them. In reality, your parents had a point and in fact, you are what you eat. A bad diet will ultimately lead to compromised oral and overall health, whereas a healthy diet will lead to the opposite.

Two of the most common diseases in modern society are tooth decay and gum disease

Both of these conditions often go untreated and undiagnosed, which can cause numerous, more serious conditions. If you consume certain foods that contain acids and other harmful substance, this can obviously have a negative impact in your teeth. Contrary to this, if you consume healthy foods, your teeth will be more protected even if you don’t have the best oral care habits.

In order to maintain a healthy diet, you should always:

  • Choose meals that include the 5 food groups: fruits, veggies, breads/cereals, dairy, and meats
  • Drink lots of water
  • Avoid foods that are soft and sticky that will cling to your teeth
  • Take a multi-vitamin daily

Additionally, avoid fad diets that eliminate entire food groups. The food pyramid exists for a reason and eliminating a food group will often result in vitamin or mineral deficiencies.

If you would like to know more information about how your diet can affect your teeth, please contact our Simi Valley dentist, Dr. Muradian. We will be more than happy to answer all of your questions!

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