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5 Questions You Need to Ask Your Dentist Before Getting a Root Canal

5 Questions You Need to Ask Your Dentist Before Getting a Root Canal

What Is a Root Canal or Endodontic Treatment?

A root canal is a treatment that involves the removal or total elimination of pulp tissue with bacterial contamination, most commonly caused by untreated cavities. Although there are several factors that can also cause the removal of the nerve, such as: dental trauma, abrasion, erosion and wear (bruxist patients). After the cleaning and removal of the nerve, your Simi Valley dentist will seal the tooth with a compatible material, making it insensitive to thermal changes. This way, your Simi Valley dentist will be able to preserve the tooth, avoiding its loss.

Is a Root Canal Treatment Painful?

A root canal is a treatment that is performed under local anesthesia, which is not painful at all. Perhaps the only discomfort is that it is a long treatment and that the patient must keep their mouth open for at least one hour. It is common for the treated tooth to hurt because by eliminating the dental pulp, the tooth stops responding to thermal changes but starts responding to pressure. However, with a simple oral anti-inflammatory, your Simi Valley dentist will be able to control these discomforts.

What Is the Success Rate of Root Canals?

Studies show that root canal treatments are 90 percent successful. It is a conservative, stable and predictable treatment.

What Repercussions Does the Root Canal Have on the Tooth Structure?

Normally, the repercussions will depend on the amount of tooth structure remaining. A root canal is a treatment that will always try to preserve the tooth, even when there is a great deal of tooth wear. If it is not viable to restore the tooth, then your Simi Valley dentist will recommend an extraction. So, in other words, your dentist will only suggest an endodontic treatment if it is feasible to perform the root canal and preserve the tooth.

What Should I Do after a Root Canal Treatment?

It is essential to perform radiographic controls on endodontics, usually on teeth with periodontal lesions at the apical level (control appointments are usually done at 1, 3, 6 and 12 months) until there is complete healing of the infection.

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