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Learn about the damage of drinking lemon water and apple cider

Learn about the damage of drinking lemon water and apple cider

The internet can provide a wealth of information. It can also misdirect patients into participating in fads and activities that are harmful to their health. Many patients feel that drinking apple cider and lemon water can flush toxins from the body. While this is not yet found to be true, many patients still participate in this activity in an attempt to improve the health of their body. In the meantime, they may be causing serious damage to their teeth.

The enamel on the tooth is relatively hard and strong, but when acids are introduced, it can weaken the enamel. This creates a more porous surface, causing sensitivity and damage to the enamel. When patients are drinking substances such as lemon juice, sodas, and wines, they are introducing unwanted acids to the teeth which over time can result in unwanted damage. Some of this damage cannot be reversed, making it a serious problem.

Before patients engage in any diet fad, they are encouraged to schedule an appointment with their primary physician to determine if there is any nutritional benefit. Many of these “cleanses” are dangerous to the body. They eliminate many of the essential vitamins and minerals individuals need to be healthy and strong. It can also weaken the immune system and make patients more susceptible to illness.

It is important for patients to be well-educated about any activity they are participating in, especially when it affects one’s overall health and wellness. Additionally, drinking lemon water and apple cider all day can have devastating effects on the natural tooth enamel and result in patients spending additional time in the dental chair and extra money in maintaining their oral health and wellness. This can be avoided with proper education and knowledge from medical professionals.

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