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Why Teeth Hurt with a Sinus Infection

Why Teeth Hurt with a Sinus Infection

So, you’re sick and you have a toothache. Bad luck? Yes, maybe. We say this because a sinus infection and a toothache have much more in common than you think. Don’t get too worried yet about having to make a trip to the dentist because the toothache may just be another symptom of your sinus infection—let us explain:

Sinus infection and toothache

A sinus infection causes inflammation which in turn can give you a toothache that can be completely unrelated to any form of tooth decay, infection or cavity. The pain you experience during a sinus infection is usually felt in the upper teeth which are closer to your sinuses. This is actually a fairly common occurrence for anyone who comes down with the common cold or sinus issues.

With this in mind, toothaches felt during the days that your sinus infection is at its worst should clear up in a few days. If you find that you are still experiencing pain or persistent pain, then you should definitely see a dentist. At the evaluation, your dentist will be able to determine the cause of the toothache whether it be periodontal disease, tooth grinding, cavities, abscess or something more. If the dentist advises that there is no sign of anything going on with the teeth, we encourage you to visit a medical doctor.

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