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Simi Valley Dentist Explains Common Tooth Injuries That Occur in Contact Sports

Simi Valley Dentist Explains Common Tooth Injuries That Occur in Contact Sports

Dr. Victor Muradian of Simi Valley, CA is a dentist who is here for area patients who are faced with dental concerns. His practice offers general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry. When patients are dealing with dental injuries, they need to visit a dentist to discuss restoration of the smile.

What are the most common tooth injuries that occur in contact sports?

Contact sports can be concerning in terms of patients getting hurt. One of the areas of the body that is in danger of damage is the face and mouth.

When impact occurs to the mouth, it can cause many typical issues

  • Cuts to the soft tissue
  • Breakage of a natural tooth
  • Loss of a natural tooth
  • Broken orthodontia
  • Bleeding

As soon as patients experience damage to their smile during sports, they are encouraged to contact Dr. Victor Muradian to discuss emergency dental services. His practice is open to providing same-day appointments to most patients who contact the facility needing help following an injury to the mouth. He can provide extractions, root canal therapy, tooth replacements, and composite resin bonding to address most common concerns and damage.

How can I protect my smile while playing contact sports?

The teeth can be protected with proactive care. When patients are involved in high contact sports or other activities that may put their smile at risk, they are encouraged to consider the benefits of using a mouth guard. Mouth guards are plastic or acrylic mouth pieces that are custom-molded to the top and bottom teeth and are worn during these activities. These mouth guards can protect the teeth, gums, soft tissues, and even orthodontics from damage. Patients can ask their dentist about the best type of mouth guard for their specific needs.

Are you interested in learning more about dental injuries and how to treat them?

Contact Dr. Victor Muradian and his team today to discuss restorative dentistry in the Simi Valley, CA community. Call (805) 522-0880 to schedule an appointment at 3695 Alamo Street #300.

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