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Why Do My Teeth Hurt with the Flu? Simi Valley Dentist Explains

Why Do My Teeth Hurt with the Flu? Simi Valley Dentist Explains

Tooth pain is a common problem Many emergency dentists in the Simi Valley area, including Dr. Victor K. Muradian, often see patients with toothaches come into the practice for care. However, many are unaware that the reason they are experiencing this discomfort is due to sinus congestion.

When patients have congestion associated with the cold, flu or a sinus infection, they may experience pressure that can result in the discomfort of the upper teeth or even the roof of the mouth. This is because the area is swollen and is putting pressure on that area of your face. Some patients with ear infections may also experience tooth pain because the pain radiates downward.

What can I do to ease discomfort when my teeth hurt from congestion?

Colds and flus can often be treated with over-the-counter medications which can reduce congestion until the condition runs its course. For patients who have been diagnosed with a sinus infection, antibiotics may be the only way to treat it. Once the condition has been treated, patients should no longer experience the tooth pain.

What if the tooth pain does not go away after the congestion is gone?

If the cold, flu, or sinus infection has passed and a patient still experiences their tooth pain, they are strongly advised to visit an emergency dentist in Simi Valley for an evaluation. This could be a sign of a more serious problem such as a large cavity or an infection of the natural teeth. Many of these situations require immediate care and attention to resolve.

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If you are experiencing tooth pain that may be caused by the cold, flu, or a sinus infection, we encourage you to take the time to visit your primary care doctor for assistance. However, if tooth pain is not related to pressure in the sinuses and seems to be a stand-alone issue, patients should visit their Simi Valley dentist for an evaluation. Dr. Victor K. Muradian can assist in determining the cause of the problem and provide a viable solution. Call (805) 522-0880 to schedule a consultation appointment with our staff and visit us personally at 3695 Alamo St. Suite #300 Simi Valley, CA.

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