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5 Healthier Candy Options to Eat on Halloween

5 Healthier Candy Options to Eat on Halloween

Candy is made largely of processed sugars that can affect your oral and general health if eaten too often. Luckily, candy companies have placed increased efforts in reducing sugars and candy portions which is why you can now find healthier candies on shelves at the supermarket to help your kids enjoy on Halloween.

We recommend choosing any of the following healthier candy options to let you kids have fun and eat candy on Halloween without putting their teeth and health at risk:

  • Dark chocolate: Dark chocolate has antioxidants and is lower in sugar. Additionally, it comes in mini versions, minimizing sugar and calorie consumption and calories.
  • Peanut M&Ms: Small snack sizes of this candy can boost protein, fiber, and even some calcium in your body. They are low in calories, low fat and low sugar.
  • Nestle Crunch: One fun-size bar of this delicious treat has only 60 calories and 3 grams of fat. It is one of the “lighter” chocolate bars.
  • Organic Pops: These are new organic choices that taste great and consist only of organic ingredients.
  • Tootsie rolls: This traditional candy has just a few calories, plus they come in a small fun size.

Call Dr. Muradian in Simi Valley if you have any questions or additional information about your oral health. We wish you a happy, cavity-free Halloween!

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