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Quality Indicators in a Dental Practice

Quality Indicators in a Dental Practice

Choosing a dentist can seem like an overwhelming task. It may seem important to select an office that is close to your home, or that accepts your insurance. Once you step one foot into a new dentist’s office, though, you quickly realize that there is much more at stake. You want every visit with your dentist and his team to feel pleasant, and to be productive. If you don’t like even one aspect of the care you receive, you may be back to the drawing board, looking for a new office to handle your dental needs.

We would like to help you avoid this potentially endless cycle!

Dr. Muradian is a dentist who has been trusted by many families in the Simi Valley area over the years. In addition to a pedigree education that culminated in a 1996 graduation from USC School of Dentistry, Dr. Muradian has continually stayed at the forefront of innovative new treatments. Dentistry has evolved significantly in the last 20 years, and our practice has followed suit.

Education and training is the hallmark of a quality dental practice, and we are proud to offer our patients the level of care they need while incorporating modern dental technologies. For example, electric hand-pieces quietly and quickly remove damaged tooth material, shortening time in the chair. The expert use of soft tissue laser equipment shortens recovery time and reduces post-operative swelling. To make each visit more pleasant, we also offer patients the use of special glasses through which they can watch a movie while we perform restorative or cosmetic treatment.

Hi-Tech Dental Equipment

Of course, we also realize that no amount of fascinating technology can replace your desire for personal care. Regardless of the efficiency with which we check you in for your visits, and the performance of our dental technologies, what you want is to know that your smile is in good hands. You want a dentist who will listen to you, and who will cater to your preferences as much as possible. This is what you get in our Simi Valley office. You get the treatments you need in an environment that is both friendly and professional.

We invite you to see how pleasant dentistry can be! Contact us at (805) 522-0880 with your questions or to schedule an appointment.

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