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Useful Dental Tips from Your Dentist in Simi Valley, CA

Useful Dental Tips from Your Dentist in Simi Valley, CA

We all would like to enjoy a bright, healthy smile; not just for today, but always! There are several things that could stand in the way of this goal. Here, your dentist in Simi Valley, CA discusses a few vital tips to maintain your teeth, your gums, and your general health and well-being.

Preventative Dental Care Tips

  1. Take care of your teeth daily. Don't just brush; brush for two-minutes. Brush in the morning and brush at night. As a part of your bedtime ritual, floss and rinse your mouth with a gentle mouthwash formulated to inhibit oral bacteria.
  2. Avoid tobacco. Most people know that smoking and using other tobacco products can cause teeth to become incredibly stained. Did you also know that this habit keeps the tissues in your mouth from absorbing oxygen, which is necessary to keep them healthy? For a healthy mouth - and body - don't use tobacco.
  3. Choose your drinks wisely. Beverages like soda, coffee, and alcohol can do a number on your teeth. Oh yes, and let's not forget energy and sports drinks! Even if these beverages do not contain sugar, they can wear down enamel and gum tissue through their high acid content.
  4. Consume calcium. There is a large percentage of Americans that do not drink milk any longer. This could affect teeth if other sources of calcium are not consumed. Calcium is vital to strong teeth. It can be found in supplement form, and also in broccoli, cheese, and yogurt.
  5. Get some sun. We wouldn't typically associate sunshine with our teeth, but we should. The body needs adequate levels of vitamin D in order to properly use calcium. The best source of vitamin D is early morning sunshine. Due to the warnings against tanning, many people have become deficient in this crucial vitamin! Schedule just a few minutes a day under the sun's rays, and you are on your way to a healthier body and mouth.

Of course, it pays to see your dentist at least two times a year if you want healthy teeth and gums. To schedule your visit with our friendly dental team, call (805) 522-0880.

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