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Chipped, Crooked, Gapped, or Misshapen Teeth? Smile Design Is the Solution!

Chipped, Crooked, Gapped, or Misshapen Teeth? Smile Design Is the Solution!

Visiting a Simi Valley area dentist for cosmetic dentistry is the first step in addressing an imperfect smile. Dr. Victor K. Muradian is dedicated to helping patients in achieving the smile of their dreams. When imperfections are present such as gaps, chips, or unusually shaped or positioned teeth, patients are in need of advice for smile design services. Simi Valley area patients can speak with a dentist to discuss the options available to them for restoring the appearance of the teeth.

There are several cosmetic solutions available that can be used in certain situations

Some patients can choose between many different options, giving them decision-making authority in achieving the look they desire. The first step is scheduling a consultation appointment and initial evaluation with Dr. Victor K. Muradian. This allows him to assess the health of the smile and speak with patients about the changes they would like to see. Then he makes suggestions based on his experience.

Cosmetic procedures often used in smile design include:

One or more of these may be used in conjunction to provide ultimate results

Some patients benefit from the use of just one treatment, such as teeth bleaching, to address a stained, yellow smile, while some patients may choose a variety of treatments to completely transform the look of their teeth. Dr. Victor K. Muradian works with patients to help them decide how much they would like to change their smile and the expected cost and time required to achieve those results. He educates patients on each treatment so they can make an educated decision regarding the services required to attain their dream smile!

Dr. Victor K. Muradian of the Simi Valley, CA area is committed to providing esthetic general dentistry for new patients as well as patients of record. Contact his practice today at (805) 522-0880 or visit personally at 3695 Alamo Street, #300.

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