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The Importance of Treating Dental Cavities on Time

The Importance of Treating Dental Cavities on Time

Dental cavities are the most widespread oral pathology in the world. It especially affects patients during their childhood and old age, to the point of causing the loss of the affected tooth. To avoid them, good prevention and treatment is essential.

The origin of cavities is found in the acids produced by bacteria within the oral cavity. The accumulation of oral biofilm between teeth and gums causes these acids to create an oral cavity, formed by bacteria that can destroy the enamel. The process of cavities has several phases and progressively destroys tooth supports.

Here are the most common symptoms of cavities:

  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Openings and holes in the affected tooth
  • Inflammation and toothaches

Treating cavities on time

After detecting these symptoms, it is essential to go to your dentist in Simi Valley to treat cavities immediately This way, we can preserve our original teeth. Otherwise, tooth decay will cause pain, inflammation and even tooth loss. With regular dental check-ups, the presence of dental cavities can be detected on time.

If cavities are very deep and have reached a tooth’s root, the treatment will have to be more complex. In these cases, your Simi Valley dentist will proceed with an endodontics treatment that will remove the pain definitively, since the tooth was left nerveless. In many cases, this process will require the placement of a dental crown. If dental cavities have only affected a small portion of a tooth, the most common thing to use dental sealants or apply fluoride, which is especially effective as a preventive measure.

No matter what your case is, Dr. Muradian carries out a customized study to adjust his treatments to the needs of each patient. Do not hesitate to contact our office in Simi Valley to prevent and get rid of dental cavities for good. Call 805-522-0880 and schedule your appointment today.

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