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Dentist in Simi Valley Answers, Is Mouthwash a Must?

Dentist in Simi Valley Answers, Is Mouthwash a Must?

Simi Valley dentist, Dr. Victor Muradian, speaks daily with patients about oral health care at home. While visiting the dentist regularly is important, brushing and flossing every day is also key to maintaining oral wellness. However, many patients ask about mouthwash. Should I be using mouthwash? Is mouthwash a must? What are the benefits of using mouthwash?

When it comes to developing an oral health care routine at home, many patients enjoy integrating mouthwash. There is no downside to mouthwash. Taking extra steps to improve the health of the smile is always encouraged. However, it is not absolutely necessary.

Mouthwash was developed to help target even more bacteria in the smile

Using mouthwash can continue to positively impact the smile. Patients swish the mouthwash around to help continue fighting plaque and tartar. A mouthwash that has the seal of approval from the American Dental Association is important in showing that that particular product has been proven to provide results. Mouthwash should be used in conjunction with brushing and flossing—not as a replacement. Using mouthwash after brushing and flossing may be extremely beneficial for patients who have a genetic predisposition to oral health issues such as cavities and those who are not opposed to rinsing with an antibacterial product to further improve the health of the smile.

Mouthwash in Pregnancy

Additionally, pregnant women should consider using mouthwash throughout their pregnancy as the changes in hormones can cause pregnant women to be more susceptible to disease and cavities. It can be used strictly as a precautionary element or as a way to strengthen an oral health routine. It is a wonderful complement to brushing and flossing and takes a healthier smile one step further!

Interested in learning more about how to care for the smile at home between dental visits?

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