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Cracked Tooth Syndrome

One of the most common procedures I do in my office is a treatment for what we call “cracked tooth syndrome.” In our stressful lives, we tend to put a lot of pressure on our teeth, by clenching and also grinding. This extra load of the teeth leads to fractures, especially if there are silver fillings or any restorations, but primarily the silver mercury filling.

The fractured that occurs usually have no symptoms. However, once they start reaching the nerve, they become symptomatic. That means the patient feels it when chewing and drinking cold or hot liquids.

The procedure that we do to treat this condition is what we call a crown. Crowns are splints that join the teeth together, so the fracture doesn't continue to go through the tooth.

Sometimes, a crown might not be sufficient, and a root canal will be required to save the tooth. It often works, but in some cases, unfortunately, it does not work because the fracture is too deep and it's in the root system which, unfortunately, ultimately leads to a lost tooth.

Cracked tooth syndrome is very common and I see this on a daily basis. Call to schedule an appointment.

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