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Gingivitis Simi Valley

What you need to know about gingivitis

Gingivitis, also known as inflammation of the gums, is more common than you think. About 80 percent of the population currently has it to some degree. Nevertheless, gingivitis is completely curable if it is diagnosed and treated in time.

What causes gingivitis?

The main cause of gingivitis is the plaque attached to the teeth. The plaque contains bacteria that produce toxins which negatively affect the gums and supporting tissues of the tooth, inflaming them and causing bleeding at the slightest touch in most cases.

For all of the above, we can say that gingivitis is caused by the lack of oral hygiene that comes when not brushing our teeth and tongue regularly, as well as not flossing daily.

It goes without saying that tobacco also negatively affects all mouth tissues, therefore, smoking is also a contributing factor to the development of gingivitis.

What are the symptoms of gingivitis?

The first symptoms of gingivitis are:

  • Redness of the gums and pain sensation when brushing or rubbing food
  • Gingivitis can also cause bleeding at the time of brushing, which in the case of smokers will be less prominent but not less serious, since the toxic substances of tobacco cause this bleeding to decrease.
  • Bad breath or halitosis can also be another early symptom of gingivitis caused by plaque buildup.
  • The most advanced symptom is gum retraction, which will make part of the root of the tooth show, providing an elongated tooth sensation.

What is the treatment for gingivitis?

The recommended treatment is a professional oral cleaning by your dentist or periodontist in Simi Valley, which includes the removal of all traces of plaque, hardened tartar, and bacterial products from the surface of the teeth using ultrasonic instruments that your toothbrush is not able to remove.

Gingivitis usually disappears after this professional cleaning as long as oral hygiene is continued at home. So, in addition to regular brushing, flossing, and dental cleanings, adding an alcohol-free mouthwash to your routine will help fight and prevent gingivitis.

Is gingivitis contagious?

Given the fact that gingivitis is an oral disease, it is evidently contagious through saliva. It is especially easy to get it if your immune system is not at 100 percent. Gingivitis can actually be contagious for a long period of time, even after healing.

How long does it take to get rid of gingivitis?

You can expect to see improvements after a few days of treatment, but it may take a while for symptoms to go away completely. In most cases, gingivitis usually clears up within two weeks. However, if your gingivitis is more serious, it could take longer to treat.

Are you currently suffering from gingivitis? There’s nothing to be ashamed of. Contact our dental office in Simi Valley, and we will give all the information you need to treat and take care of it as soon as possible. 805-522-0880.

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