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Natural Dentistry

Enjoy a healthy, natural-looking smile provided by our Simi Valley dentist

Natural Dentistry

Our dentist in Simi Valley, Dr. Muradian, focuses on promoting healthy and very natural dentistry. In using cosmetic procedures and in other areas of his dental office, our dentist will do his best to promote the natural beauty of your smile to keep it healthy and white. Many patients will often think of cosmetic procedures as the same, fake smiles that are often seen in the media. However, rest assured that at our Simi Valley dental office your smile will be treated as one-of-a-kind.

A smile is often one of the first things we notice about someone. For this reason, extra care is practiced when our dentist completes any dental procedure. Dr. Muradian takes his time and care to ensure that your smile remains as natural as possible while refining imperfections to make your smile perfect. Everyone will think you were born with a naturally beautiful smile!

Our dentist will recommend natural dental procedures based on:

  • Symmetry: Ensuring that all teeth are similar in shape
    creating unity in the smile.
  • Color: Allowing for teeth to match neighboring teeth.
  • Clarity: Confirming that all aspects of the smile work well
    together and look natural.

Dr. Muradian will be sure to treat you as an individual and guarantee that you smile is treated as the unique accessory it should be. In promoting natural and healthy dentistry, your smile will look wonderfully natural—so much that no one will know the difference. All procedure will be mercury/metal free for whiter, healthy looking teeth while enjoying long-lasting results!

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