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Dental Checks Ups Simi Valley

In order to maintain excellent oral health, it’s important to maintain healthy oral care habits like regular brushing and flossing. However, many patients aren’t aware that going to a dentist every 6 months is also imperative to your oral health. Since professional cleanings should be done within this time frame, our dentist will also check your oral cavity to make sure that everything looks good. Some patients will need to visit our Simi Valley dentist more frequently depending on your medical or dental history. Our dentist, Dr. Muradian, will let you know how frequently you need to come in.


During a dental checkup at our Simi Valley dental office you can expect:

Cleaning & polishing: This is the professional cleaning that is recommended at least twice a year to remove any calculus that cannot be removed by regular brushing and flossing.

Patient Education: Our dentist will take this time to discuss any current or future problems while also providing recommendations on how to maintain your oral health.

Check-up Examination: Our dentist will also conduct an examination in order to look at your teeth, gums and mouth tissues. Dr. Muradian will be looking for changes or signs of a potential problem like cavities, gum disease or even oral cancer. Following this exam, our dentist may recommend further treatment.

X-rays: Since not everything can be seen by the naked eye of our dentist, you will need to have x-rays taken at some of your visits to be sure that there are not potential problems “under the surface.”

Remember to take advantage of this dental check-up! This is a great time to ask questions or talk about your concerns with our dentist and dental staff. We recommend that you mention anything related to your oral or overall health in order for our dentist to note it in your records and take it into consideration when offering treatment options. Definitely speak of any issues you’ve had since your last dental visit, supplements you are taking or anxieties you may have. The more information we have, the better we will be able to treat you!

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